Berths are available in the inner and outer basin.

The Marina has 40 serviced pontoon berths plus 7 unserviced pontoon berths

Serviced berths are fully secure with a coded combination lock on the entrance gate, and covered by CCTV camera.

Visitor berthing is in the outer basin on a 56 metre pontoon with access bridge. Pontoons have lighting bollards with electricity points and drinking water.

Outer basin

Outer basin berths have:
electricity & drinking water
Safe non skid access bridge

Inner basin

The inner basin has serviced and unserviced berths.

Unserviced berths

Inner basin berths have:
Security coded access
Electricity & drinking water


“One of the nicest little marinas in the UK!”

SG, Lowestoft

Harbour Master: Bertie Milne

Harbour Office: Harbour Place, Whitehills AB45 2NQ T: 01261 861291 M: 07906 135786 V.H.F: Channels 16 or 14

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