Whitehills Regatta 2014: results

Many thanks to all who took part in our 2014 Regatta, as well as those who generously donated prizes. See you all next year! The results are as follows:   Race 1 Class 1 1st: Sunrise 2nd: Poimandres 3rd: Fantastique   Race 1 Class 2 1st: Snowgoose 2nd: Fossdyice 3rd: Sea Swallow   Race 2 Class 1 1st: Poimandres 2nd: Volente 3rd: Predator   Race 2 Class 2 1st: Snowgoose 2nd: Sea Swallow 3rd: Fossdyice

Harbour Master: Bertie Milne

Harbour Office: Harbour Place, Whitehills AB45 2NQ T: 01261 861291 M: 07906 135786 V.H.F: Channels 16 or 14

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